Astro as Self-Care

Taken under a Gemini sun in the redwood forest, California.

Just like a doctor can look at a patient’s vital chart and make a diagnosis to find appropriate cures, so can astrologers look to a natal chart to find signatures of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments and their remedies. A medical vital chart is exactly what the name implies: a record of a patient’s vitals; their literal patterns of life through heartbeat, breath, and the body.

Astrology uses a natal chart to find the energetic patterns in your personality and earthly vehicle. Understanding your chart can not only help you understand these “vitals” better, but also help you realize your highest potential. Astrology can help us feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. We can use it to be more productive, be more relaxed,  treat inflammation in the body, heal emotional trauma, or literally any thing that might “ail” us. Understanding our astrological tendencies can be a great place to start looking for treatment or acceptance of our current issues.

There are myriad ways to dissect the chart to find specific needs of the moment, or treatments for feeling better. For a personalized look at your own self-care strategy, book a reading! Here are some ways you can help use astrology in your regular practice of self-care:

Practice compassion with yourself. Sometimes the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is recognize our tendencies, and hold love for them without judgment. By looking at our personalities as an objective set of traits or inclinations, it helps us remove the harshness around them. We are all here on earth living out our own unique purpose. Too often we compare our paths with others, or have standards we think we should meet. By viewing ourselves as a beautiful reflection of the energies of the planets governing us at time of our birth, it helps us gain perspective that each of us is unique. Each of us is working things out in our own ways, and the only judgment there is the judgment we add to it.

Balance the planetary energies in our charts. Use the energies of deficient planets to even out any trouble areas in our charts. It’s all well and good to practice self-compassion, but sometimes we have actual problem areas of our charts, or difficult transits that cause us discomfort. Each planet has its own motivations, and its own physical attributes. Knowing those motivations and physical qualities can help us balance out deficiencies in ourselves to find harmony. For example, Mars is a hot planet that also governs action and warrior spirit. So an overactive Mars could cause inflammation, break outs, rash, or just a hot temper, unchecked rage or too much bottled energy. Once we know that, it becomes much easier to prescribe ways to release some of the active Mars energy through rigorous exercise, cooling balms, wet foods, or simply redirected focus for that warrior anger. Reading the vitals in the chart can help us find the cure.

Plan ahead for difficult transits. Knowledge is power. Knowing our own natural-born tendencies helps us plan ahead for times when the moving planets in the sky will activate certain tendencies in us. It can help with difficult aspects to our own natal planets, or just help us make the most of beneficial energies for self-healing. Sometimes just knowing the duration of a particular transit can help us know there is an end in sight. Knowing that difficult times are temporary is incredibly empowering. It can also help us practically plan ahead, by knowing when we may have physical ailments that will need a balancing remedy, or how to redirect emotional angst into something more tolerable.

Treat yourself to a reading with an astrologer, who can help diagnose and offer remediation for whatever you’d like to work on healing!

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