What to Expect in a Session

Taken under a full Leo moon in Snæfellsjökull, Iceland.

Every astrologer has their own unique style and specialty. My specialty is using intuition and your natal chart to unlock a deeper understanding of yourself. This can include your motivations, and how to better compassionately care for yourself.

Since every person is different, sessions can take the shape of whatever needs arise during a reading. Sometimes a client may have specific questions or troubles they’d like to address. Other people may just want to review a chart and see what it has to say about personality traits and motivations. But there are some basic elements that we can always circle back to.

First, we’ll go over some basic session guidelines. These are designed to make you feel safe, and create a comfortable environment for open, confidential sharing. After all, looking at ourselves can be raw, tender, and illuminating! I always strive to create the best atmosphere for us to have fun, get deep, and give you beneficial, helpful tools once you leave the session.

I like to start with an overview of the chart: what are we looking at, how does it work, and what are your biggest planetary components? We can take as much time on this as we need, to give a foundation for the rest of the reading. After all, what we’ll be looking at is you! Your unique celestial make up at the moment you were born. Knowing ourselves at this level is tremendously powerful.

Next, we can begin with a basic review of your moon, its phase, and its current condition. How is it relating to other planets in your chart? What does it need and want? Do you have any questions regarding self-care that we can address?

After that, the format is open to take shape in whatever way you’d find most helpful. I will offer suggestions for where the session can go from here. Since I’m intuitive, I use that gift as a way to guide the reading into the topics that are asking to be discussed during the session. We could end up looking at your chart overall, getting a sense of what a chart is, and what it says about you. We could end up focusing on a specific question you have around relationships, work, family, or personal habits. Really, the session is yours! I want you to leave feeling empowered and enlightened. There are a variety of ways we can achieve that goal.

Every person who gets a reading from me will also leave the session with a hand drawn natal chart. That means a map of where the planets were in the zodiac in the sky above you the moment you were born. Like a fingerprint, it is totally unique to you. You are also free to record the session and take notes. Wherever possible, I’ll offer suggestions for self-care that fits whatever you personally are looking to heal.

If you have any specific questions about a reading with me, or would like referrals to another astrologer, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’d love to hear from you.


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