Why the Moon?

Libra moon
Taken under a waxing Libra moon in Newport, Oregon.

In astrology, each planet has its own motivations, its own needs and desires. The placement of each planet in our charts can tell us about our unique motivations and how we can meet our needs.

The moon in a chart represents emotional expression, home comforts, and what makes us feel safe. In many ways, it is our self-identity. It is the security blanket of the zodiac, nourishing us, embracing us in a soothing cover that tells us everything is going to be ok. We can look to the placement of the moon in our charts, and the current astrological conditions to help you feel your best emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Sometimes our natal moon can be affected by current astronomical weathers, and get a little beat up. Other times, our moon can feel misunderstood, and act out like a child, crying for us to give it attention. As the phases of the moon change, so do our own phases in everyday life. Our emotional inner lives are a rich, ever-changing tide of depth. In today’s world, where we undervalue self-care and introspective activities, it’s easy for our base needs to be overlooked. When our moon state is out of harmony, it can effect every other aspect of our lives.

Luckily, help is available to anyone who seeks it. There are simple remedies to help us through tough transits. Even just having the knowledge of the current astrological transits can help us gain perspective, and put us back on a smoother course. We can also treat our moons with kindness by nourishing ourselves with what our specific moon placement desires. We can remedy through herbal blends harvested under favorable aspects of our moons. We can time activities to occur during favorable phases of the transiting moon. The possibilities for self-care through astrology are endless. The first step is listening to our hearts, and getting in touch with our own moons. Treat your moon to a reading, and get to know it better! I’m here to help you discover what your own moon is trying to say.

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